Burning Bush (Euonymus alata)

Burning bushes at the Inn at the Ragged Gardens | (c) Bakerette.com

The Euonymus alata “compactus”, commonly known as the Burning Bush, shows its brilliance in the fall with its leaves turning from green to vibrant red in autumn bearing red-orange berries. This particular variety is a “compactus” shrub; keeping in mind that “compact” can reach upwards of 8 feet in maturity. There are smaller and larger varieties; some reaching heights of 15+ feet. The shrub is also commonly known as Winged Euonymus because their stems are noted for the four ridges or “wings”. This is a shrub that is best left unpruned, although for those who prefer a well-maintained hedge, it can be pruned but at risk of losing the bright red fall color where the tips of the branches have the best color. It transplants easily and is maintenance free and looks outstanding planted en masse. This plant is invasive in Eastern North America.

Category: Shrub

4-8 feet (1.2m – 2.4m)

36-48 inches (90-120 cm)

Growth Rate:

USDA Hardiness
:  Zones 4 to 8

Sun Exposure:
Full sun to part shade

Average, well drained

Green, turning crimson red in the fall

Small orange-red seeds in the fall

Seed Collection:
Allow fruit to ripen, clean and dry seeds

Image credit: mariaik / 123RF Stock Photo

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