A Cleaning Calendar You Can’t Live Without

Back by popular demand, I am featuring one of my most popular posts “Getting Organized: Cleaning Calendar“!

When I posted my cleaning calendar last November, I was amazed that it went viral on Pinterest! Seriously! It’s been pinned over 136,000 times and grows daily! Holy cow! The funny thing how this came about is that one day I was desperate for a post for this blog. I went a couple of days without cooking and had nothing to show for it. So as I was cleaning that day, an idea came to mind to share with y’all how I stay on top of house cleaning as a working mom. It must’ve spoken volumes to many of you because it went viral and I constantly get emails thanking me and telling me how you can’t live without it!

I’m getting lots of requests to post a template that you can customize to fit your needs. I heard your cries and guess what? Today I am featuring this FREE template so you can create your OWN cleaning schedule. You see, not everyone has the same schedule as me–go figure, ha-ha–and they’d like to create their own schedule using my format. I hope this post will be just as beneficial as my last one.

Here is the example of my own cleaning calendar:

I came up with this cleaning calendar that fits our lifestyle to keep us on task and the house cleaned. I hope it helps you, too. Use the calendar I have or use the template below to mix it up and customize it to your needs. Hang it up on the fridge as your daily reminder. My family, of course, gets in on the chores, too. Together we can wipe everything out on the list in a jiff. (The word “jiff” is my mantra. It’s gotta be quick or I won’t do it.) Sometimes things creep up and we’re not able to get to it all–after all, that’s life right? Everything isn’t a cookie-cutter day. So I either use a Saturday to catch up, or it goes without doing and I try not to stress out over it. It’s part of life.

Click to Print

Keep your house clean (yes, deep cleaned, even!) with one chore per day, includes a free printable list. This is so doable and covers everything! Bakerette.com

Here’s a copy of the template to create your own:

When you open the template, the background will be dark. Don’t worry. Download it to your computer, open it, and it will appear as a watermark. Then type in your own customized schedule.

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Keep your house clean (yes, deep cleaned, even!) with one chore per day, includes a free printable list. This is so doable and covers everything! Bakerette.com   Let me know how it works for you!

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  1. Several days before this was shared my cleaning help quit! I decided I’d give this a try. Just started but I think I can do it. I love being organized. Thanks

  2. Lisa-Maree says:

    Maybe I missed it, but when do you change the bed linens and do your ironing?

    • Hi Lisa-Maree. I would stick that in there on a night you have available or on a Saturday to play catch-up. I don’t iron, so it’s not on my list :-)

  3. D you have various templates? Men, teenagers, teen soccer player, teen basketball player? Im computer illiterate so can’t do it on my own

    • Hi Libby. Unfortunately I don’t have various templates, but that would be a great idea for me to work on and create. Thanks for the suggestion.

  4. Claire D'Anjou says:

    I LOVE THIS…. I’ve been using this schedule for less than a week and I feel in control of my house! Thank you so much for posting it.

    • That’s so great to hear Claire! I appreciate the feedback and that you’re feeling in control of your situation. Thanks for stopping by.

  5. Cindy Ferree says:

    I love the simplicity and am very excited to do the little things each day so cleaning isn’t a huge chore! Thank you for this:)

  6. As the working Father in my household with a schoolteacher spouse, this has helped me make sure I do what is needed at home. I don’t bring work home, but she does and I even created my own version with a more “manly” piece of artwork.

  7. Thank you so much! I am trying so hard to be organized and I believe this will help with housework!

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