How To Seed and Dice a Roma Tomato


Welcome to the first of my Kitchen Tip Series. Today we’ll be learning all about Roma tomatoes and how to deseed and dice a Roma tomato.

How to Deseed and Dice Roma Tomatoes |

Question for ya…do you pronounce tomato “Toe-may-toe” or “toe-maw-toe“?

I pronounce it toe-may-toe. But in actuality, I really pronounce it toe-may-dough…it’s the truth. I just blend that “t” into an almost-sounding “d”. Go figure.

How to deseed and dice a Roma tomato |

The Roma tomato is actually the most common tomato used for cooking. Mainly because it’s meaty and has fewer seeds than other tomato varieties. They are perfect for canning, packing, and sauces.

How to deseed and dice a Roma tomato |

Roma tomatoes are also known as “Italian tomatoes” or “Italian Plum tomatoes”.

How to deseed and dice a Roma tomato |

Romas are grown in the USA, Mexico, Great Britain, and Australia.

How to deseed and dice a Roma tomato |

A good quality Roma tomato is firm, smooth-skinned, and red. You’ll want to avoid those tomatoes that are wrinkled, have broken skin, and are green. However, if green, you can ripen the tomato at room temperature by setting out for 3-4 days.

How to deseed and dice a Roma tomato |

Roma tomatoes are considered a cancer fighter. Studies have shown that they can lower the risk of prostate cancer, breast cancer, and stomach cancer development.

How to deseed and dice a Roma tomato |

Romas are low in fat and sodium and high in vitamins A and C and potassium. They are also rich in lycopene, which helps get rid of free radicals in your body that can harm your cells.

How to deseed and dice a Roma tomato |

Technically, tomatoes are a FRUIT–a berry in fact. However, In 1893 when vegetables and fruits were subject to different import duties, the Supreme Court found it necessary to define tomatoes as a vegetable. And there you have it! Mystery solved. (Source: The Packer, 6/9/90)..

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    Oh my. I must confess that I do not like tomatoes. I’ve tried. Truly I have. But I cannot seem to muster to put a raw tomato in my mouth and eat it. However, every single other person in my family likes them so I do have to prepare them often and am so excited about this tip! Thanks for sharing!

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