Jewels in the Garden

“Flowers that are so pathetic in their beauty,
frail as the clouds,
and in their coloring as gorgeous as the heavens,
had through thousands of years been the heritage of children –
honored as the jewelry of God….”
~Thomas De Quincey

One of the things that I enjoy about gardening is dressing it up with “jewels”. Jewels can be anything from stepping stones, boulders, bird baths, statues, etc–something to draw the eye in and dress it up a bit.

Here’s a favorite jewel of mine–a mosaic bird bath! My husband’s daughter made this for me for mother’s day a year ago. Isn’t it fantastic? She knows how I adore butterflies and this is craftily designed. I just LOVE it and so do the birds whom I see bathing in it (until our sleuthing cat arrives). We’re lucky to have such a talented child.

Another favorite of mine is this statue of a girl reaching out and holding a baby bird. (See that missing piece out of the statue’s hair? Another blunder my dogs made and whom I wanted to throttle.) I love this statue because it brings a feeling of joyfulness and playfulness reminding me to be like a child and find delight in the small things.

Gardening has been the heritage for my children — “honored as the jewelry of God.”

What’s your favorite jewelry in the garden?

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