Nylons: The Run of the Garden

You know those gosh dern’it hosiery that squeeze you until you feel like you’re going to pop kind of hosiery? Well listen up ladies…I found this great idea in “Budget Gardens & Secrets” published by Birds & Blooms that had some nifty, thrifty ideas for resourcefully gardening with your hosiery!

We all snag or get a run in our nylons and just throw them away! However, Birds & Blooms suggests one great use for those throw-away nylons…”Use them as ties to hold up floppy plants or to anchor vines”. Boy howdy (that’s my new word since I just read “Cold Sassy Tree”)! Now who’da thunk!

The idea behind using the nylon is that it stretches and grows with the plant allowing it to breathe and accommodate the plant’s growth.

To use the nylon, cut it up into thin strips and tie it around the plant into a figure eight knot. And so it doesn’t stand out like a green thumb (no pun intended), tie it behind the plant.

Another great idea that they had, which I have not yet implemented but I thought sounded great, is to use the nylon to line the bottom of pots so that the water drains out but the dirt doesn’t. Another “huh”. By doing this, the article says it will keep small bugs from entering.

One final suggestion they had is to “slip [the nylon] over ripening fruit to protect it from nibbling pests.” Meredith wrapped it up nicely on her website at http://www.greatstems.com/2009/08/rock-a-bye-baby.html. Check out her photo for a fun laugh!

So I guess these tight, binding, uncomfortable stockings have a beneficial use after all! Let me know how this works for you!

Source: “Best Garden Bargains.”Budget Garden Secrets. 2009, Chapter One, p. 23.
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  1. I did this for the first time this year and it worked great. I had them on the butternut squash and the watermelons. I actually went to the store to buy hose so I could try it.

  2. Tatyana@MySecretGarden says:

    …to line the bottoms of pots… Great idea!!!

  3. I place old knee-high hose over the seed pods on my castor bean plants. The seeds dry inside the hose and it is very easy to harvest the seeds in the fall. In these hard times it is nice to be able to reuse something we already have. Love your blog.

  4. That is one of my favorite magazines and I love the tips by gardeners. So clever to reuse something that would of just ended up in the landfill.

  5. Meredith/Great Stems says:

    Thanks for the link love, Miss Daisy. I actually plan to wrap the fruit in pantyhose when it gets bigger, to protect it from our resident mammals. In the meantime, I'm just letting it wear, as Tatiana calls it, "support hose."

  6. Catherine@AGardenerinProgress says:

    Those are some great ideas. I try to avoid wearing them anyway, so I'd much rather put them to use in the garden :)

  7. Isn't it amazing what one can do with an old pair of pantyhose?! I would much rather use them in the garden then wear them anyway! :) I like the comment above about using them for onion storage- I bet they would also work for storing my garlic.

  8. Rosey Pollen says:

    Miss Daisy,
    I knew those tortue devices were good for something! I have a bag of hosiery( not hoses) in my greenhouse, and sometimes use them for onion storage. But I will try them in the bottom of a pot as well, sounds easy enough.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog, hope everything is growing well in your garden.

  9. Meredith/Great Stems says:

    That's funny, Miss Daisy — your post coincides with my latest… check it out! ;-)

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