One With Nature

The morning is beautiful with a slight warm breeze. I enjoy waking up to the songbirds and watching a morning sunrise over the mountain top. It’s a beautiful, peaceful feeling and a wonderful day to take Buddy and Roxy (our Beagles) for a walk. As soon as I don my sweat pants and tennis shoes, the dogs whine with anticipation that I will say the words “Do you want to go for a walk”? Buddy’s ears perk up as I say the words and he cocks his head to the side as if saying “Did I hear you right? Please tell me I heard you right”. I say “walk” again and they start running around, jumping up and down like bucking Broncos!

On go the halters and leashes, my iPhone turned to Pandora, and off we go into the morning sun.

Buddy and Roxy

There’s a wonderful field nearby about a half mile long, but it’s far enough away from the roadside to hear the songbirds, watch flocking geese, and listen to the sound of chirping bugs. The field used to belong to a wheat farmer until it was sold to the City many years ago. The City hasn’t done anything with it and I hope it stays that way because walking along the path with flowing wheat and wild flowers and letting the dogs run through the wetlands is a peaceful feeling; almost like I’m hiking in the mountains (however, in the far distance I do see a gas station, homes, and train tracks but it’s fun to pretend! Ha!).

As we approach the fields, I take off my headset. I want to hear nature at its best. We discover a robin who seems to be joining us on our brisk stroll. She flies a few steps ahead and stops on the path. As we approach her, she flies a few steps further and stops–almost as if she’s impatiently waiting for us. She does this continuously as we walk down the path and then she departs.

Buddy disappears into the tall, flowing wheat, then his head pokes up with his nose in the air, catching a scent drifting by. Roxy discovers snake and gofer holes and has to sniff them out.

Once satisfied, off they go prancing through the wetlands, nose to the ground, feet trampling through the wet fields and then we finally reach the end of our destination. Cars are rolling by approaching the morning rush hour and the sounds of the city awaken.

I don my headset to squeeze out the city noise and off we go, heading for home. For a moment, we were one with nature.

About Jen

Jen is owner, author, and creative mind behind Bakerette. Jen eats a vegan diet and recently converted Bakerette to a plant-based website that offers a smattering of healthful recipes! Jen is author of the cookbook Festive Feasts: Meals and Memories from Halloween to Christmas, which can be purchased online at Amazon or Barnes & Noble.


  1. I live for walks like this. It is the peace I crave and I feel so blessed to live in a place where I can take a hike right out my back door. Your dogs are cute!

  2. Sweet Jeni! I wish I was walking there with you. Miss you!

  3. Cynthia says:

    Lovely! I need to make more time to walk–especially now since our neighborhood trail to the Parkway is almost complete. There’s just something near-sacred about the little bits of nature in the middle of the City.

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