Emergency Preparedness

Preparing For Our Most Likely Emergencies

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Learn to turn off the following utilities at the main switch. Prepare written instructions and leave them where family members can find them. Do not practice turning off gas.

  • Gas
  • Water
  • Electricity

FIRE – Learn what to do in case of a fire


  • Choose a safe rendezvous spot in advance for family
  • Install smoke and carbon monoxide detectors
  • Check batteries two times a year
  • Obtain a fire extinguisher for your home


  • Leave the home or building, then call 911
  • Feel doors. If hot, use alternate exit
  • Crawl low to the floor
  • Always use stairs–never the elevator

Obtain fire extinguishers for your home

EARTHQUAKE – Learn what to do in case of an earthquake


  • Strap water heater to a wall using lag bolts (screws and nails do not hold well); bolt bookcases or other tall, heavy furniture to wall
  • Put bolts or latches on cabinet doors; hang pictures and mirrors away from beds
  • Store flashlight and shoes by your bed
  • Pick one out-of-state and one local friend or relative for family members to call if separated by disaster
  • Take a first aid/CPR/Certification coarse from Red Cross or Fire Department


  • Go to pre-designated safety spot in home or building away from windows and heavy objects.
  • If in a car, drive to a safe spot and stay in the car until shaking stops


  • Wear heavy clothing and sturdy shoes
  • Check for injuries, be prepared for aftershocks
  • If suspect damage to wires/appliances/gas, water, or sewage lines, DO NOT USE
  • Listen to radio for information from Emergency Broadcast System
  • Hang up all hones and use phone only for extreme emergency situations

Obtain waterproof tarps or rolls of plastic as well as ropes and nails to cover earthquake damaged portions of your home.


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