How to Preserve and Prolong Your Fruits and Veggies


How to Preserve and Prolong Your Fruits and Veggies |

You’ve been to the store and bought all of these wonderful, bright, delicious vegetables. It’s a wonderful feeling seeing your fridge filled with red tomatoes, colorful peppers, deep green zucchini and cucumbers; and there’s nothing more discouraging than opening your fridge several days later and seeing your tomatoes rotting, lettuce browning and wilting, cucumbers mushy.

Some vegetables and fruits emit ethylene gases that will actually make your other fruits and vegetables spoil faster. So how you store your fruits and vegetables will determine how fresh your produce will stay. How do you keep your veggies healthy, crisp, and lasting long?

Some people suggest using this product…But at $10+ a pop for 20 bags? Ouch! That’s pretty steep! I know they work, but I have a hard time choking down that kind of money.

So here’s my solution and it works wonders! I’ve been doing this for quite a while…long before the Green Bags came out…and it’s much cheaper! By using Ziploc bags, Hefty, or something equivalent, you can get the same results. Walmart sells Ziploc 50 count quart-size bags for about $4–that’s more than double the bags and half the cost of what you’d get with the other product. Ziploc 28 count 1-gallon Sandwich Bags runs about $3. And the jumbo 10 count 2-gallon size bags are $3.50.

Here’s what you do to get the most bang for your buck and less spoilage:

First, take a storage bag large enough to accommodate the vegetable(s) you are going to store. Bend the bag in half and with scissors, cut three small slits across the width of the bag, like so:

How to Preserve and Prolong Your Fruits and Veggies |

Second, do NOT put “wet” vegetables into the bag. Dry them off before you store.

Third, store like vegetables together, i.e., tomatoes in one bag, lettuce in another bag, and so forth.

Lastly, put the vegetables or fruits in the bags and store in your fridge!

How to Preserve and Prolong Your Fruits and Veggies |

The slits allow the ethylene gas to escape and air in to keep the vegetables crisp. The plastic keeps the vegetables away from each other to help keep the gasses from spoiling the other foods.

That’s it! It’s fast, easy, cheap, and simple. I’ve had many of my vegetables store up to 30 days! Let me know how it works for you.

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  1. Do you wash and then dry your produce before putting them in the bags?

    • Hi Jenna. I usually wash my products before I put them in the bags. I make sure that I dry them thoroughly before I bag them.

  2. says:

    I am so glad you pointed out this post out to me Jen. This is a great tip I am going to try.

  3. Caren with a "C" says:

    I will have to try your little trick! My MIL has the green bags and just washes and reuses them.

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