From Resolution to Revolution

Go from making a resolution to creating a revolution: A fundamental change in the way you think, eat, and feel!

Bakerette is changing, evolving, revolutionizing…whatever you want to call it…but for the better!!

From Resolution

We all make New Year resolutions, don’t we? My resolution began in October 31, 2012, to start to share fab recipes with family and friends. Within the first few months of blogging, many people outside my circle of relationships began visiting my blog. Before long, I began connecting with amazing women and men from all over the world. It’s been a wonderful journey from being featured on TV, in the news, as well as writing a holiday cookbook to be published this year!

Jen at

This is me when I started Bakerette in 2012

My Story:

For as long as I can remember, I’ve had an unhealthy relationship with food that began shortly after I was sexually abused as a child. I withdrew from family and friends becoming shy and quiet. At the time, I felt like I could have and should have stopped what my abuser had done to me; and because I didn’t, I thought I wasn’t a good person. I know now, through counseling and my faith in God, that isn’t true, but at the time, that is how I felt. I loathed myself and sunk into deep depression. I contemplated suicide, but didn’t (I guess that’s obvious, right? Cuz I’m still here). Instead, I punished myself through binge eating and purging.

In high school I contracted Cushing’s disease. A condition that occurs from exposure to high cortisol levels for a long time. My adrenal glands were pumping out way too much cortisol. The whole affair was very traumatic. I gained a lot of weight, had fatty tissue deposits around my midsection and in my face. I got terrible pink and purple stretch marks on my abdomen, thighs, breasts, and under my arms. I developed thicker body and facial hair and was forced to shave like a guy. I was very tired and weak. I dropped out of playing sports and competition speech and debate–two things I was very good at. It was a VERY difficult time for me. And boys, who thought they were being helpful, would tell me: “If you’d just lose 20 pounds, you’d never be without a date”. Sigh.

Me in 1987

Through a miracle, I recovered from Cushing’s disease, but the weight issues and emotional scarring were still there, the facial hair did not disappear, and neither did my stretch marks.

Photo by Rudy Harris Photography

My hair color and hairstyle change as much as I change clothes

Eventually I moved beyond binge eating and purging; got counseling for my sexual abuse; found a deep, abiding faith in God; and slowly improved my relationship with food. I went from being a fast food, junk-food junkie to a vegetarian these past seven years.

Jen at

Me in 2013

 To Revolution

Now, I am loving myself to greater health instead of punishing myself with food.

This year I am shifting from making a resolution to creating a revolution: A fundamental change in the way I eat with a healthy and compassionate plant-based diet. Because I will be evolving, Bakerette will be too! I’m excited to share with you healthy plant-based recipes. I hope you will join me in my journey toward better health and fitness because YOU are worth loving to greater health!

Whooping my butt at TKD!

Kicking butt at TKD!

My husband, Mr. Chef, is so wonderful to support me in my endeavors. Granted, he doesn’t “join” me in my hair-brained endeavors, but he supports me, and that’s all I could ever ask for. Coming up with healthy plant-based dishes that he will enjoy will be a daunting task, but I am up for the challenge! Are you? It will definitely be an adventure, but a fun (and unique) one.

Mr. Chef and Me (1989)

Mr. Chef and I (1989)… Gotta love the 80’s

Now let’s get this party started, shall we?

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About Jen

Jen is owner, author, and creative mind behind Bakerette. Jen eats a vegan diet and recently converted Bakerette to a plant-based website that offers a smattering of healthful recipes! Jen is author of the cookbook Festive Feasts: Meals and Memories from Halloween to Christmas, which can be purchased online at Amazon or Barnes & Noble.

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