All About Pansies and How to Care for Them

Love spring & fall gardens? Plant pansies. You can plant them in the spring and fall. Pansies are cold-hardy plants. They are easy to plant and require very little maintenance. Learn all about pansies and how to care for them.

Prolong the Life of Your Poinsettia with These Great Tips

Poinsettias are a favorite for home decor and gifts! Prolong the life of your Poinsettia through the holidays with these great tips!

Texas Bluebonnet

The name bluebonnet came about because the blossoms resemble the bonnets of pioneer women. Texas Bluebonnets are also known by the name buffalo clover, wolf flower and Texas lupine.

Cleome “Spider Flower”

To add interest, height, and variety, plant the Cleome hassleriana, also commonly known as spider flower or spider plant. It’s a very attractive annual with a long flowering season.

Licorice Plant

Helichrysum (hel-ih-KRY-sum) Petiolare, commonly known as the Licorice Plant, comes from South Africa with approximately 245 species.