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The Weekly Dish | Bakerette.com1. Top of the morning to you. Can you believe it’s St. Patrick’s Day already? These months just seem to be flying by. Is that what happens when you get older? Ha. So what do you do to celebrate St. Patrick’s? Do you have any special traditions?

2. We’ve come to that time of year where Daylight Savings Time has ruined my life…I still feel like I’m getting up at 5:00 a.m. Can I tell you just how painful that is? I’m not a morning person. On the bright side (yes, there is a bright side to everything), I do enjoy the extra hour of sunlight at night.

3. Yesterday I made my first BIG purchase–a DSLR camera. My daughter informed me that just because I have a fancy camera now doesn’t make me a photographer. Kids are great, aren’t they? I’ve been reading a manual about as thick as the Bible. I have a hard enough time memorizing scriptures let alone a manual? My friend, John Coffey, who’s a photographer gave me a few tips on what kind of camera to purchase. If you haven’t seen his photos, check out his Flickr page. Wow! He does amazing work. Applebees bought some of his photography as well as a person writing a book, plus other amazing stuff. The guy is talented. Pretty darn cool, ay?

4. My OTHER dog, Buddy, was bleeding this week and had to go to the vet. The vet thinks he has a urinary tract infection and put him on antibiotics. He’s been on it for 5 days now but he’s still bleeding somewhat. He’s not eating well either. Poor guy. The next step is bringing in a urine sample. Ya, right. YOU try and catch urine from a dog going pee. Now THAT will be quite comical. He’s looking quite comfy here to me!

Buddy the Beagle |

5. I hope you had a great week. And now I’ll leave you with these words of wisdom: “If you don’t build your dreams, someone will hire you to help build theirs. (Tony Gaskin)” Now go build your dreams!

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