Cupcake Wars


1. Friday I went to the Cupcake for Charity event for Ivory Homes. They’re celebrating 25 years of building homes. One Sweet Slice, winner of the Cupcake Wars, was there and they provided cupcakes, frosting, and a few decorations to decorate our cupcakes for the charity of our choice. We had to photograph our cupcakes in poor lighting and with our cell phones, so the picture doesn’t do it justice! Don’t forget to vote for my cupcake to help the American Cancer Society. If you follow me and like my cupcake picture on Instagram and also repin my cupcake picture on Pinterest, the person who has the most combined likes on Instagram (Hashtag #ivory25years) and repins on Pinterest will receive $1 for every pin and like to their charity courtesy of Ivory Homes. I chose the American Cancer Society because my husband is a cancer survivor. And since pink is the main color for cancer, I decorated my cupcake in pink and white. With the limited resources I had on hand, this is what I came up with. I hope you will repin it and like it on Instagram! Every “like” counts:

Help take a bite out of Cancer |

2. I bought some new high heels last week. I decided to go more modern…you know, really pump it up so I’m as tall as a tree and walk like I’m on stilts. I wore them for the first time to church. I felt like a freaking giant with long spider legs as I lifted up my feet in an awkward way to balance myself. It really is a balancing act on high heels. Yet at the same time, I felt very feminine. How do spider legs make you feel feminine, you ask? No clue. What I really wanted to do was pump it up and walk like I’m heading down a modeling runway, but I refrained myself.

3. I went to my last class of the Cancer Project series. I enjoyed it so much I signed up for the 3rd series. This week we learned about milk and different milk alternatives. Did you know that 25% of North Americans are lactose intolerant? I’m one of them. So’s Sister Chef. So I’ve been drinking milk alternatives for quite a long time…but it doesn’t keep me from cheese! Ugh. Such a weakness of mine. I also learned that dairy products interfere with the activation of Vitamin D, which is actually an oxymoron because your body needs Vitamin D to process calcium. So milk actually prevents your body from absorbing calcium. Did you know we’re one of the highest milk-drinking nations and yet we have the highest osteoporosis rate? Those nations that drink the most milk have the most osteoporosis. Go figure. So where should you be getting your calcium from? Think beans, greens, and fortified milk substitutes.

4. Saturday Mr. Chef and I went to the Home and Garden Show in Utah. We listened to one of my favorite speakers and friend, Cynthia, speak on Landscape design. I realize that although I have a green thumb, I’m seriously lacking in landscaping skills. I will need to solicit Cynthia’s help! Cynthia does an amazing job of managing our Home & Garden Club website at and she’s also a regular on Studio 5! I just adore her. She’s one of the most knowledgable and smartest people I know. Seriously. The woman is a walking encyclopedia. I encourage you to check out the website and follow it on FB. It’s an incredible site full of gardening ideas, projects, DIY crafts, home ideas, and even some recipes.

5. And last but not least, my dog was in the doghouse this week:

Roxy: Repeat Offender |

Have a great Sunday. Yak at ya later.

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