The Weekly Dish: Mother’s Day

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Last Sunday my stepdaughter gave me a Mother’s Day card that had a picture of her ultrasound–SURPRISE–yep, we’re going to be grandparents! Her second. Woot woot! And yesterday my stepson called…they’re pregnant with their first! We’ll have TWO new grandkids by the end of this year. We’re totally stoked! The circle of life continues.

One of the best Mother’s Day gifts I received was from Sister Chef…she cleaned the WHOLE house for me–top to bottom. Now THAT was an amazing gift! It was so nice not to lift a finger.

I was spoiled with flowers from my stepson and daughter-in-law! So gorgeous.

Mother's Day Flowers

Brother Chef went camping at Lake Powell, Utah for 4 days with some friends. Does he look excited or what? Lol.

Brother Chef in Lake Powell

Look how amazing Lake Powell is! He even caught 5 fish…by hand!

Lake Powell, Utah

This is what I did last Saturday in our back yard: Re-landscaped part of our back yard. I dug out the grass and scalloped in the edges, put in top soil, bushes, grasses, flowers, and a stone bench. All by myself! Pat-pat-pat (that’s me patting myself on the back). Took me ALL freaking day but I’m enjoying the fruits of my labors. I can’t wait to see how it looks by the end of summer when the plants have filled in. Now I need to work on the other side. Next week. Where was Mr. Chef? He came home to this surprise. We had planned to do this but he’s been working 7 days a week, 14-hour days that I wanted to surprise him. He was in love with it.

Back Yard - North Facing

Sister Chef had a school dance program. I was very impressed with the quality of dance the school produced. The choreography for each dance was amazing.

Sister Chef's School Dance

Sister Chef (L) with one of her BFF’s after the dance.

Sister Chef's School Dance

I’m so glad I started writing The Weekly Dish…it has helped me realize just how many “ta-da’s” I have accomplished during the week and it has helped me appreciate all that I have in my life. Although we have our ups and downs (who doesn’t), I realize life is good overall. Looking back is always 20/20 vision and I get to see the whole picture from start to finish. There are always more ups than downs. It just depends on how we choose to look at the picture.

Til next week…Be kind to one another.

– Jen

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