The Weekly Dish: The Cancer Project


I had a great week this week. It was filled to the RIM but very enjoyable. I hope yours was great, too.

1. Today I did absolutely nothing and guess what? It was everything I thought it could be.

2. I’m taking a 3-part class series on the Cancer Project sponsored by Food For Life. What’s that you ask? Well, they are cooking classes that are focused on healthful eating for cancer and diabetes prevention. Very fascinating indeed! You can learn more about the group at

So what have I learned after two classes? I’ve learned that I’m totally flunking on what I eat in fat grams and that I’m so stopped up with fat and no fiber that I’m pretty sure I have cancer or will get it. Ha.

But I did learn two things I found fascinating: (1) how to really read a food label when it comes to fat grams. And (2) Enterohepatic circulation. Entero…what? See, if you took this class, you could learn fancy words right along with me.

I AM making an amazing-smelling gingerbread cake right now with the recipe I got from the class. Charity, our teacher, is fantastic!

The Weekly Dish

3. So my favorite TV series “Suits” (next to Walking Dead) has ended this season and I have to wait until the SUMMER for the next episode? Huh? I’m dying! I need to know how this Suits “War” plays out with Harvey and Jessica. And I’m going to miss Louis Litt with his dictaphone and childish antics for three months? Waaaa. Thankfully I have Walking Dead, Mentalist, and White Collar to keep me going…for now. What TV series do you like?

4. Roxy, our dog, had surgery this week. She had one honking-big tumor removed from her rear end and an almond-sized tumor removed from between her toes. The vet was concerned that the one between her toes was melanoma. When I picked her up, she had a purple wrap down her leg and foot and a mile-long strip of stitches across her rear end. I put her in the car and she was whining. When I looked at her, she had wet on the inside of her eyes. Like she was crying! Poor thing. Can dogs shed tears? She’s been doing great, though. Know how I know? One of the kids left a box of cereal on the table and she managed to get it off the table, onto the floor, and eat most of the cereal before I discovered it. So I’d say she’s doing QUITE well. Oh, and the doctor called Friday and said her test results came in and she does not have cancer. The tumors came back benign. Yay!

Roxy's Tumors

5. I got to spend several hours with my sister yesterday while Sister Chef got her hair colored by my niece. We had fun playing show-and-tell…She showed me all of her awesome craft projects and I showed her all of my latest recipes. I think her show-and-tell was more awesome. She’s making these incredible wedding announcement cards–by hand! Can I just say they are freaking beautiful?

6. Sister Chef is seriously alarmed at how infatuated I’ve become with Pandora. It might be all of the 70’s music I’m playing. Seventies music to her is like 40’s music is to me. But what’s not to love about Chicago? The Eagles? Aerosmith? Heart? Elton John?  Classics. What kind of music do you like?

7. I had quite the Pinterest binge this week. I’ve learned that I have Pinsomnia – the inability to get enough sleep because I keep clicking “see more pins” just one more time.

8. Did you see my cool logo I designed at the top of the home page? I think it’s pretty awesome. I’ve got some other things I’m tweaking on my blog, too. Totally stoked about the blog design.

9. I opened up a business bank account for Bakerette. Totally excited. I have no money to put into it yet, but I took the first step to get one open with the anticipation of putting the first penny I earn in the bank!

10. Before I go, I’ll leave you with this thought found at called “My dog: the paradox”. If anyone’s owned a dog, you’ll get a howl out of this.

Until next week. Yak at ya later…


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Jen is owner, author, and creative mind behind Bakerette. Jen eats a vegan diet and recently converted Bakerette to a plant-based website that offers a smattering of healthful recipes! Jen is author of the cookbook Festive Feasts: Meals and Memories from Halloween to Christmas, which can be purchased online at Amazon or Barnes & Noble.


  1. Brenda Sandefur says:

    loved all the glad for Roxy, and I think they cry tears too,you can see it. awww did she get anything for her pain? Good for you on your Bakerette account..awesome.. <3

    • Thank you, Brenda! And thank you for always visiting my blog and FB page. It is sooo much appreciated. You rock! Yes, Roxy did get pain medication. She’s definitely in the healing stages now…it’s starting to itch. She’s scooting her bum and chewing off the bandage the little stinker! :)

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