The Weekly Dish: The Circle of Life

This week absolutely blew by…

Stepdaughter's 30th Birthday |

Perhaps because I had soooo much going. Toooo much going on, but so many fun things I couldn’t delineate…

1. I’ve got the Lion King song going through my head…”The Circle of Life.” It was my stepdaughter’s birthday this week and we celebrated with a dinner at Texas Long Horn Steakhouse! Yum-o. Hard to believe that she is THIRTY years old! Holy cow! I remember when I was that age. I had one child under my belt. She does too. It’s like the circle of life without¬†Mufasa. I remember when Mr. Chef was single years ago and my stepdaughter was such an adorable young 6-year-old who came over to me with her sister while they were swimming and asked if I knew how to braid hair because her dad didn’t. I told her I did and she and her sister quickly ran back to their dad and told him they found him a girlfriend–all unbeknownst to him. Ha-ha. They had his back. That was the first step toward our courtship. The rest is history.

2. We had the Sewing Nerd, Katie, come to Jordan Valley’s Home & Garden Club to teach us about reupholstering and making slip covers. It was an AMAZING class. I don’t even sew and I was incredibly fascinated by it all. Why was I there, then, if I don’t sew? I’m currently the V.P. for the Home & Garden Club and we scheduled this class. It was quite a popular class. It was FREE and we had about 50 people show. Anyhoo, Katie did a hands-on demonstration. Cynthia brought an old chair (she actually nicknamed Velma–too cute!) and Katie taught us how to tear apart the chair to get it ready to reupholster. While a couple of people from the audience were ripping up the chair, Katie taught us how to make a slipcover. We were all literally glued to our seats with our eyes bugged out by this cute gal who really knows her stuff! You can check out the class at our club website. The Club has all KINDS of things to learn about and do. You’re missing out if you don’t visit it! Seriously!

The Sewing Nerd |

3. Remember me talking about my dog bleeding? Well, we got the test results back and he has kidney disease. It’s in the beginning stages, luckily, so we have time to treat it. The doc put him on this freaking expensive dry dog food that is sold only by prescription. FIFTY buck-a-roos for a 17-pound bag! I about crapped my pants! And guess what? He LOVES the stuff. He keeps going to the door where we keep the food whining for more. Sorry Charlie, but you’re not getting more than the required allowance. I’m NOT going to go broke. He’s also on a monthly medication. Have you ever tried giving a dog a pill who doesn’t want to take a pill? However I disguised it, he’d discover it in the food and spit it out. I tried gagging it down his throat too, but that didn’t work. He has a great reflux! I was finally able to disguise it in a small slice of hot dog and that worked! Guess the guy is getting a small slice of hot dog every day. I’m sure THAT will be really great on his kidneys! (Yes, I’m being sarcastic!)

"Do You Want To Go For A Walk?" |

4. Saturday we had a church youth activity all day long. The youth are so amazing. I am so impressed by their spirituality. Their willingness to learn. Their testimonies of Christ. They are truly inspiring. Ya, there are some kids in this world that just don’t get it. Who make me pull my hair out. Who give youth a bad name. But over all, kids today are so strong and so good. There really are a lot of great kids out there.

5. My parents came into town Tuesday for a week. Unfortunately, I had two major commitments–the club class and the youth activity–so I really haven’t had much time to spend with them. They’re here to be with my grandma, though, while my aunt goes out of town for vacation. Grandma is NINETY FOUR AND ONE-HALF and still living on her own. Has her full faculties. Luckily for everyone on the road, she doesn’t drive! Ha. We’ll be going to dinner with them Monday. We’re taking Pops out to dinner as a belated celebration. He’s an AMAZING dad! Gotta spoil the guy.

6. Who’s into Walking Dead? If so, I got a huge kick out of this picture a co-worker sent me! LOL. How true is that?

The Walking Dead |

That’s all for now folks! Thanks for stopping by and taking the¬†time to read about my week. Till next week…yak at ya later.


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