Cute and Easy Valentine Hair Bow Tutorial

I’m excited to introduce you to Jonie, the newest contributor at Bakerette, who will be sharing some fantastic crafts! Jonie has the cutest blog that’s full of crafts, printables, home decor, and great recipes–not to mention incredible photography, as you can see below! Today Jonie is going to share with us this adorable Valentine Hair Bow Tutorial.

If you have any issues or questions, you can watch Jonie making this tulle bow at My Craft Channel.

Check out this adorable Valentine Hair Bow tutorial

Jonie Sumsion at Just-Between-Friends.comHello Bakerette Readers!  I am Jonie from Just Between Friends and I am SO excited to be joining you and sharing my love of crafting!  I decided to make my first post here be one that is simple but one that you are sure to love, especially for Valentines Day coming up! Here is a quick and easy Valentines bow that is perfect for any little girl in your life. I have two little girls of my own as well as two darling nieces, so we definitely have a lot of hair to do and it might as well be cute in the process!  Let’s get started!

Valentine Hair Bow


  • Tulle- I bought mine at Hobby Lobby on a roll because it is the perfect width to make these bows.
  • Needle & Thread- I always use a matching color of thread just in case it isn’t all the way covered.
  • Decorative Trim- I bought some cream colored pearls also at Hobby Lobby.
  • Hot Glue Gun

Begin by cutting a piece of tulle that is about 15 inches long.  Fold the tulle in half.  Next you will fold the end of the tulle over to make the first side of the bow, and then fold it in the other direction repeating so that you now have a nice pile of folded tulle with each layer getting smaller and smaller.

Tulle Hair Bow Tutorial

Once you have your pile of tulle ready to go, you will use your needle and thread and sew a running stitch down the middle of the tulle and then pull it tight.  I then wrapped the thread around the tightened middle to make the bow nice and secure and then secured the thread by running the needle through the middle and knotting the end.  Now that your bow is secure, you can add the decorative trim.  Start by using your hot glue to attach the end to the back of the bow.  Then wrap the pearls around three times and finish it off  by cutting the trim and put a bit of hot glue to secure the end.

Hair bow tutorial

Ta-da!  You are finished with the bow!  If you would like to add a clip to the back, you can check out this tutorial on my site for the best way to do it.  We have way too much fun with these bows and of course I had to make them in a ton of colors to match any outfit.  They are totally inexpensive but so fun!

Tulle Hair bow

Like I mentioned before, we have a ton of girls at my house, so we are always making new bows.  If you were interested in this tutorial, you might also be interested in some of my other bow tutorials like the Satin Flower, Poofy Flower or even the ruffled flower.  Come on over to see how to make those ones!

hair bows

Thanks again to Jeni for letting me take over for the day!  I will see you next month here on Bakerette, or you can come follow along over on my Just Between Friends facebook page and Instagram account.  I think you would like what you see there!


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  1. Christine says:

    Yikes! These directions don’t make sense to me either!

  2. i can NOT figure this out! I’ve made 100s of different bows and can’t get this. More pictures please!!!!!!!

  3. Socorro says:

    I’m with you Megan, I can not make it look like the pic.Please help me cause this bow looks so cute for my baby girl. THANKS!!! :)

  4. Are you folding it “accordian style” like how you would make paper flowers? I’m confused by how you are doing it.

  5. Janee Doshier says:

    Yes, I’m very crafty as well and even work at a craft store and am having trouble with this tutorial…

  6. pat bird says:

    I cannot get this to come out either. You wrote to cut the tulle 15″ 15″ does not make the bow you have in the picture. Is it 50″????

  7. Megan Rodgers says:

    I am fairly crafty and I do not understand how you are getting this to turn out like the picture! Help!!

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