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  • Sister Chef, her friend and I (or is it “me”) took a girls trip to Las Vegas for some fun over spring break. I haven’t been to Vegas in ten years. probably because I was turned off by all the porn they passed out on the Strip the last time I was there. Do I dare take my daughter on the Strip to see that? I took my chance. It was better this time around until night came, so I tried to steer clear of the street at night.
  • We hit Coca Cola world, M&M world, the Strip, got our picture taken with Johnny Depp, Snoop Dog, and the recently reincarnated Tupac. LOL. We hit the shopping malls and more malls, and more shops! Went to the Shark Reef and the Wax Museum. We walked the whole freaking Strip until our feet fell off and blisters formed. But we had a great time. I even gambled…a whole THREE bucks. After I lost $3 and gained $.025 cents, I decided gambling wasn’t for me.
Coca Cola World in Las Vegas |

Trying out Coca Cola Drinks from Around the World. Sister Chef is on the left.

  • I must apologize ahead of time for what I’m about to say because I’m sure there are people out there who loved this dish, but this Crock Pot balsamic chicken dish I made the other night was AwFuL. I saw it on the Web and thought it sounded soooo good. I followed the recipe to the “T”. I love balsamic. I love pears. The family loves chicken and portabella mushrooms. Why not make this? I was sure we’d love it. When the buzzer was up, I took a sip of the juice in the pot and cringed. Blech. It was NOT good at all. It tasted so vinegary. I thought maybe it was just me. So I had Mr. Chef take a bite and he’s like, “Um, it’s okay but it’s not my favorite. And it’s something I’m not eating for dinner tonight.” LOL. We ate out. Cafe Rio. Love Cafe Rio. Doesn’t this look awful?

Crock Pot Balsamic Chicken with Pears and Portabella Mushrooms |

  • Brother Chef informed me that he’s on a health food kick right now. He’s been working out hard, running, and building up some AMAZING muscles. Rock solid muscles. He’s been drinking protein shakes and recovery drinks. He came home with a bunch of groceries the other day and informed me that he’s going to start eating healthy. He pulled out all kinds of fruits and juices and then I had to laugh when he pulled out the Hot Pockets. Yep, Hot Pockets are a health food right? Ho. Rather than pop his bubble, I just smiled and helped him put groceries away.
  • This coming week is my nightmare week. Not so much a nightmare, but just incredibly busy from sun up to sun down. I’m assisting in conducting a week-long training for sales people in our work organization who have recently been hired. Plus I will be attending 3 fun-filled days of SNAP conference! Can’t wait for SNAP and meeting up with some blogging friends.
  • Do you have your taxes done? I’m so excited to say ours are done. And guess what? We owed, we owed, money to the government it goes. Kiss those dollars goodbye! Mwwwah.

I hope you had a great week! Til next week…be kind to one another.

– Jen


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